World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. Rey Mysterio

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January 31, 2009

ATLANTA -- World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker reigned supreme over Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble, as the infamous dark forces of The Demon of Death Valley proved powerful enough to make the biggest heart in the WWE Universe rest in peace.
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From the opening bell, the sold-out Philips Arena remained frozen on the edge of their seats, waiting in nearly-uncontrollable anticipation to see if The Ultimate Underdog could overcome the odds and conquer the legend of The Phenom. And from the beginning, Mysterio showed unending resilience in the face of The Undertaker's merciless attack, firing back with a blitzkrieg of high-flying, fast-paced insanity as he tried to make the impossible possible. But, The Deadman was destined to send his opponent hurling from the top of the mountain. After withstanding two 619s in a row, The World Heavyweight Champion countered Mysterio's follow-up with the devastating Last Ride for ultimate victory.

Mysterio became the No. 1 Contender to The Deadman's World Title after defeating The Animal Batista in a fierce Steel Cage Match showdown on SmackDown.

Despite his size, the unrivaled passion of the former World Champion continues to shine through every time he enters the ring. His valiant effort at the Rumble, against one of the great Superstars in squared circle history, serves as a tremendous victory in its own right.

However, since recapturing the World Title, the iconic Undertaker has been operating on his own plain of existence. And now that another challenger has fallen, The Phenom turns his ominous eyes toward WrestleMania XXVI. 

But, who will venture into the shadows of darkness in search of his "holy grail," tempting The Deadman's undefeated winning streak of 17 - 0 on The Grandest Stage of Them All?

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