5 Tips for Surviving the Royal Rumble Match

In the Royal Rumble Match, there is no such thing as a clear path to victory. No amount of strategizing, video study or scouting can adequately prepare a wide-eyed rookie for the obstacles he'll encounter in his first 30-Superstar spectacular, nor can it guarantee a winning performance for even the craftiest of veterans. With 29 other ring warriors to factor in, as well as the ever-unpredictable luck of the draw to consider, the best that most competitors can hope for is a respectable showing and minimal bodily harm.

Though an answer for quelling the Rumble nerves is hard to come by, WWE.com caught up with veterans of the 30-participant melee, as well as analyzed past Rumble Matches, to lay out five survival tips that — at the very least — might make all the difference between walking out, limping out and standing out in the Rumble.