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WWE.com's 15 card Rorschach test

On Raw, Daniel Bryan was ordered by new General Manager AJ Lee to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. As part of his battery of questions and assessments, he had to take the famed Rorschach test, a psychological study that gauges a patient's responses to and perceptions of random inkblot images. Bryan saw the images as himself, a "goat face."

WWE.com analyzed some random inkblots to see if we could identify other Superstars and Divas in them. What could that reveal about us, and what could that reveal about those Superstars and Divas? So, grab your clipboard, put on your psychologist hat and check out 15 "ambiguous designs" to find out if you see what we see ...

Inkblot card #1

Of which WWE Superstar or Diva does this inkblot conjure up? This is a great one with which to start. Those appear to be horns and a snout, but we already saw what goat-faced Daniel Bryan looks like, so we can likely rule out the submission specialist. Decide for yourself, then click ahead to see who WWE.com projects on this card ...

WWE.com sees ... The Rock

The distinctive design of The Brahma Bull came to mind when WWE.com saw this first inkblot.

Who's next?

Inkblot card #2

Perhaps an insect's wings or a superhero? Those circles remind us of eyes, but they also look like they could be attached to a vehicle of some kind ...

WWE.com sees ... Alberto Del Rio

Rarely making an entrance without one of his dozens of luxury automobiles, The Mexican Aristocrat is the first Superstar who came to mind when we saw a vehicle in the inkblot. But don't get caught up on the arrogant Del Rio. It's your destiny to analyze 13 more "completely random" cards ...

Inkblot card #3

It's all in your perception. This could be a heart or a thorny bush. Maybe not thorns, but horns?

WWE.com sees ... Brodus Clay

The Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay, and his Funkadactyls, Naomi & Cameron, jumped to mind when we saw we were looking at a dinosaur.

Inkblot card #4

A pair of glasses, perhaps everyone's favorite broski? But there's no spiked hair or headband. We were thinking some species of sand crab, scuttling along a beach, but we don't see water. That's another liquid ...

WWE.com sees ... David Otunga

Rarely seen without his signature coffee mug, David Otunga might be WWE's most overcaffeinated Superstar. Grab yourself a cup of Joe for the second half of WWE's Rorschach test.

Inkblot card #5

Pretty much all WWE Superstars and Divas are weightlifting, workout freaks, so free weights don't help us narrow this down. Are those clocks? Perhaps someone is obsessed with time? This Rorschach test is really taking us for a ride ...

WWE.com sees ... Hunico & Camacho

When we spot a bicycle, we immediately think of the outspoken duo Hunico & Camacho.

Inkblot card #6

Ahh! A face! But that would be too obvious, and that doesn't look like any Superstar or Diva who we are aware of. Projecting so many different, random images on these inkblots could be an issue of "grave" concern.

WWE.com sees ... The Undertaker

Rest in peace. Only one immortal Superstar goes hand in hand with a tombstone ... The Deadman. But let's not linger on our own inescapable mortality. We've got more inkblots to look at!

Inkblot card #7

In the many years that Rorschach and other inkblot tests have been utlilized, this is one of the most recurring and commonly seen images. We can pretty clearly see a certain WWE titleholder in this one.

WWE.com sees ... Divas Champion Layla

Like many people who take a Rorschach test, we often see the inkblots as butterflies and other insects. At the moment, one Diva is synonymous with butterflies: the holder of the butterfly-emblazoned Divas Championship, Layla. At WWE.com, we tend to see the stunningly beautiful Layla in many random designs and household objects.

Inkblot card #8

Many Superstars and Divas are particular about their tresses, but only one Superstar we're aware of continually brags about having, "the best hair in WWE."

WWE.com sees ... Jack Swagger

"The All-American American" might not be the most likeable Superstar in WWE, but, boy, does he have some great hair.

Inkblot card #9

At first we thought it was a blade of some kind, but we at WWE.com know a Moray Eel when we see one. Or, maybe this could represent another of WWE's aquatically nicknamed Superstars?

WWE.com sees ... World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

Even though Ryback is a "shark swimming with dolphins," the WWE ecosystem only has one Great White: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.

Inkblot card #10

Every Superstar and Diva is metaphorically "climbing the ladder," but one wily, charismatic veteran jumps out at us when we inspect this inkblot. If you're having trouble seeing it at first, just look at it closely one ... more ... time ...

WWE.com sees ... Christian

Not only is Captain Charisma synonymous with ladders in the squared circle, he is regarded as one of the pioneers and founding fathers of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. No other Superstar jumps as readily to mind when seeing a ladder, including either of the most recent winners of Money in the Bank Ladder Matches ...

Inkblot card #11

Perhaps the most difficult and abstract card we've seen thus far, this nonetheless brings to mind a certain unpredictable Diva.

WWE.com sees ... AJ Lee

We couldn't make any sense of this inkblot, which actually fits new Raw General Manager AJ Lee perfectly. From broken-hearted ex-girlfriend to vengeful referee to empowered businesswoman, AJ has undergone several shocking changes. We're not really sure what's going on with her ...

Inkblot card #12

At first, we thought it could be a clover or a card, but turning to a different angle can reveal a coronet that we can absolutely dig ...

WWE.com sees ... Booker T

From King Booker to the new General Manager of SmackDown, Booker T has accomplished nearly everything there is to accomplish in his almost 22 years in the sports-entertainment business.

Inkblot card #13

To us, only one Superstar comes to mind when we see a "thinking man" ...

WWE.com sees ... Damien Sandow

The consumate "Renaissance Man," Damien Sandow is not only "The Intellectual Savior ofthe Masses," but he's also a guiding light and inspiration for the WWE Universe. According to him, at least.

Inkblot card #14

Pegasus or a griffin flying across the sky? Maybe a different mythological creature?

WWE.com sees ... Beth Phoenix

"The Fabulous Firebird," Beth Phoenix looks to regain the Divas Championship and soar to new heights.

Inkblot card #15

This one immediately conjures up thoughts of a certain boastful Showoff ...

WWE.com sees ... Dolph Ziggler

Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler, is an unapologetic egoist and showoff, who sees himself everywhere. Unfortunately for us, we saw him in the inkblots, too.

Did you agree with WWE.com's in-depth, scientific analysis? What other Superstars and Divas did you see in the inkblots? Discuss with other members of the WWE Universe on the official WWE Facebook and Twitter accounts!

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