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Sin Cara and the WWE Universe get their match

Sin Cara and the WWE Universe get their match

In light of unfortunate technical problems that definitively generated an inaccurate voting result in Evan Bourne's match during Raw: Power to the People, WWE is making it up to you, the WWE Universe, and Sin Cara, the masked Superstar whom you voted to have compete against Bourne.

This Monday night on Raw, Sin Cara will get the opportunity he deserved, and the match you demanded, as he will face Evan Bourne in the ring in Las Vegas.

The decision to make this match stems from technical issues with the vote tabulating provider’s system, which became flooded with so many votes from the previous poll - choosing an opponent for the Divas Title Match - that the vote tabulation spilled into the next poll, which determined Bourne's opponent. It appeared that you had voted for Mason Ryan, who shared the same option entry (B) as Kelly Kelly from the previous poll, until it was later discovered that Sin Cara had actually received 90 percent of the total votes in WWE.com's Live Chat poll.

Never let it be said that WWE does not hear the WWE Universe. Therefore, to set the record straight, WWE will grant the match that you and Sin Cara hoped for. These two aerial specialists will meet in Sin City Monday night, in what will surely be a contest of speed and agility unlike any other you've witnessed.

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