Why the WWE Universe needs "Stone Cold" now to stop General Manager John Laurinaitis

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May 31, 2012

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin / John Laurinaitis

"What would it take to overthrow Laurinaitis? God I hate that man."

"What is going on with John Laurinaitis? Why is he still in charge of both Raw and SmackDown?"

"I'm sick of John Laurinaitis and I'm sick of the Big Johnny era!"

These are just a sampling of tweets from the last 12 hours.

Many members of the WWE Universe are clamoring for change. Beyond the social media outcry, there's the chorus of boos at live events, the colorful fan signs and angry rants on YouTube. 

At the end of the day, it's all white noise to Big Johnny.

Laurinaitis still reigns over both Raw and SmackDown. Teddy Long, the former GM of SmackDown, is still wearing a cleaning apron. And John Cena, the last Superstar who tried to derail "People Power," was knocked out cold twice on consecutive nights by Big Show, right after the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations signed the giant to an ironclad contract.

But there's one man who could potentially stop the tyrannical GM, and he's not even in the WWE locker room. Heck, he's someone who hasn't appeared on Raw in almost a year.

If you wanna see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin open up a can of you know what on Laurinaitis, give WWE.com a "hell yeah!"

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