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Sunny knows you still want her

Sunny knows you still want her
When Raw XV emanates from Bridgeport, Conn., Monday night (8/7 CT), it will also welcome back an alumna whose name alone is as hot as the rest of her. In honor of the cable television staple's 15th anniversary, Sunny returns to heat things up on Raw.

No one could have predicted Sunny's scorching popularity when she and Skip debuted as the spandex-clad Bodydonnas in the summer of 1995. Amid a shortage of females in WWE, this dazzling Diva instantly brightened up sports-entertainment's atmosphere with her energetic, confident personality, as well as her more scintillating assets. The fact that she was a fitness fanatic also made her the envy of every woman -- especially since her seductive ways often "inspired" our male fans to get out and exercise more. And if they weren't exercising … well, do we really need to explain why Sunny became one of the most downloaded women on the Internet in the mid-1990s? Check out Sunny's Steamy Photos...

Beyond her stunning good looks, Sunny shined brightest as a manager of tag teams. She was instrumental in The Bodydonnas, The Godwinns and The Smokin' Gunns' respective reigns as World Tag Team Champions, even though her bad-girl side tended to follow the gold, not the guys. That said, she was also a key component in revitalizing The Legion of Doom, re-christening them L.O.D. 2000 and leading them to a victory in a Tag Team Battle Royal at WrestleMania XIV.

After leaving WWE in 1998, Sunny found her way to ECW and eventually WCW, where she continued to hone her managerial skills while raising the ring ruckus only someone like her could get away with. Though she cemented her place long ago as one of sports-entertainment's most gorgeous -- and most popular -- Divas, there's no question that when Sunny returns to Raw this Monday night, she'll turn up the heat in such a way that her entrance theme will remind our fans, "I know you want me, baby."

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