The many spellings of Mr. John Lauri … huh?

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October 11, 2011

The name John Laurinaitis has posed many problems for the staff. Our resident “Grammarzon,” - i.e., our copy editor - has spent countless hours checking and re-checking the confusing and long surname of the newly minted Interim Raw General Manager. But the pains don’t stop there – what about when we take to Twitter? That’s 11 characters we could have used to promote the latest and greatest content on and interact with you, the WWE Universe.

 Interim GM John Laurinaitis makes three critical points to the WWE Universe
Now, the WWE Universe can reach out to arguably the most-misspelled GM name in WWE's history by tweeting him @WWERawGM. He encourages your interaction, and is waiting for your tweets. Or maybe he's texting, he seems to like doing that on Raw SuperShow, too.

Here are some of the best spellings tweeted by you to the @WWEUniverse Twitter account. How do you think we can shorten the new Interim Raw GM’s last name? #CauseJohnLisntgoodenough

  • Larrenitice

  • Lauranitis

  • Laryngitis

  • Laurinitis

  • Laurinitice

  • Mr. LaurinGitis

  • Larangytis

  • Laurina

  • Laurinites

  • Lorenitis



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