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Eve Talks About Kissing Cena

Eve Talks About Kissing Cena

Twitter may only be 140 characters, but Eve's one tweet after Raw spoke a thousand words.

@EveMarieTorres: I'm only human.

And this sentiment is exactly what the former Divas Champion wanted to stress to WWE.com in her first phone interview after breaking Zack Ryder's heart on Raw Supershow and sending the WWE Universe into a #PoorZack tizzy.

"There were lots of heads shaking near the locker room," Eve told WWE.com. "After what happened, I ducked out of the arena right away."

In case you missed the more "Notebook" than "Superman" moment, the diabolical Kane had kidnapped Eve and put her in an ambulance while John Cena, speaking to Josh Mathews heard the former Divas Champion's cries for help. As The Big Red Monster and Cena struggled, Eve was locked in the back of the ambulance as Kane started to drive away from the arena. With quick thinking, Eve jumped out of the moving ambulance and right into the Cenation leader's arms. And what was waiting? The kiss seen and heard all throughout the WWE Universe, especially by a wheelchair-bound Zack Ryder. Long Island Iced-Z's night only got worse, as The Big Red Machine pushed Ryder off the entrance ramp in his wheelchair to the cement below.

"I never intended for anything bad to happen to Zack," Eve explained. "How this turned out is not how I intended. I acted in the moment - we all make mistakes. I can't really say I'm sorry, but isn't it better to be honest than to lead Zack on?"

In theory, Eve's point makes sense. Honesty is always better in the long-run, right? But not according to the Zack Pack on Twitter. And, as you may have guessed, some are not suitable for publishing on WWE.com.

@Mikarito8 @EveMarieTorres so mean to Zack :(

@hussain_hashir @EveMarieTorres you let Zack Ryder down

@darren0411 I wonder what hurt more breaking @ZackRyder's back @EveMarieTorres breaking his heart or @JohnCena breaking his trust

"It's been a hard adjustment for me, reading my Twitter timeline," Eve admitted. "But, people need to realize that there's more than one side to people. I always try to put my best foot forward both inside and outside the ring. But I have emotions, and that goes for anyone - sometimes emotions just take over."

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