Who planted the cinder blocks on Raw?

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August 19, 2014

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Last night on Raw, in the height of Seth Rollins’ WWE App Vote Falls Count Anywhere Match against Dean Ambrose, a table was moved to reveal a huge pile of cinder blocks! WWE.com sought out Seth Rollins to find out exactly how this surprise weapon came to be at ringside.

“They call me the 'Architect of The Shield' for a reason," explained Mr. Money in the Bank. “I put everybody together and was responsible for all the faction’s success – as well as the success of Dean Ambrose. Now, I am the one who has has torn it apart. On the other side of things, there’s Director of Operations Kane, who has been around a long time and is also very smart. You put a mind like [his] with a mind like mine, who knows what could happen. So, when it was the right time, the cinder blocks were revealed and the plan played out perfectly."

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