The 10 greatest crowd chants in WWE history

Contrary to popular belief, there are three participants in the average WWE contest: Superstar A, Superstar B and the crowd. The first two obviously do the heavy lifting; executing moves, carrying out game plans and clawing and scraping their way to glory. The crowd, for the most part, is content to be just that: They cheer their heroes and boo their villains. They ooh and ah when something amazing happens. They get riled up when insulted and cheer in elation when complimented, and they generally save their final outburst of emotion for the final pinfall of the contest.

Bryan breaks free from The Wyatts Full results from Monday's show

Every so often, however, that ceases to be the case, and the WWE Universe whips itself into such a fervor that they become more than spectators. Instead, they become active participants in the bout itself, swinging the mindset of Superstars and (in some cases) WWE executives alike. This past Monday’s Raw, when Daniel Bryan defected from The Wyatt Family to a deafening eruption of "YES!" chants, was only the most recent example. Truth of the matter is, there have always been a few select occurrences that will throw the WWE Universe into overdrive, and when that happens, you’ll get some truly inventive responses. So while you do your best "YES," take a look at the 10 greatest crowd chants in WWE history.