The shocking similarities between Mr. McMahon’s Corporation and Triple H’s Authority

The story remains the same: A WWE power figure ascends to a position of command and moves to enforce their will upon the entirety of the WWE locker room and Universe. To back their regime up, they surround themselves with a war council of suits and Superstars alike, and set their dogs (or Hounds) on anyone who opposes them. Loved by a precious few, hated by very many and feared by almost all, these power-mad dictators take total control and mold the squared circle in their own image.

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You may think we’re referring to what happened in 1999 with Mr. McMahon’s Corporation, and we are. However, it can be argued that it’s happening again now with Triple H and The Authority, and the comparisons aren’t just skin-deep. Not only has Triple H slid into The Chairman’s old role quite comfortably, but he has also duplicated McMahon’s recruiting tactics. As The Authority’s reign reaches its fever pitch, digs into The Corporation’s ranks and finds the shockingly on-point counterparts between McMahon’s hired hands and Triple H’s foot soldiers.