Raw SuperShow results: John Cena stuns Tensai, then shames Michael Cole

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June 04, 2012

GREENVILLE, S.C. – All eyes were on John Cena as Michael Cole kicked off Raw SuperShow by interviewing the Cenation leader. Cena pulled no punches while discussing Big Show, his No Way Out opponent, but it was his convincing performance against Tensai and humiliation of Cole that had Cenation members elated by the end of the night. Also on Raw, things got even stranger between WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane, courtesy of the seemingly unbalanced AJ.

John Cena chose Michael Cole as his opponent for tonight's Raw
John Cena got a loud ovation from the Greenville crowd following his one-week absence from Raw. Michael Cole started the one-on-one interview with Cena by reminding him of Big Show's path of destruction, claiming the attacks could have been prevented if the Cenation leader "did the right thing" and stuck up for The World's Largest Athlete when he was fired. (PHOTOS)

Cena vehemently defended himself and said he didn't regret fighting fire with fire by trying to embarrass General Manager John Laurinaitis in the ring at WWE Over the Limit. The Cenation leader then ripped Big Show, saying he took the easy way out and "turned his back" on the WWE Universe. Cole wondered if Cena is simply jealous of The World's Largest Athlete and called the 10-time WWE Champion "overrated."

Laurinaitis, riding aboard his "People Power" scooter, came out and told Cena that he's granting him the privilege of choosing his opponent, but that Big Show wasn't present at tonight's SuperShow, due to a contractual stipulation that gives him selective nights off. The GM of Raw and SmackDown also reminded Cena that he is officially retired from one-on-one singles competition, so "Mr. Excitement" is not an option for a match.

Since Big Show and Laurinaitis were crossed off the list of opponents, Cena selected the very man who just ripped him moments ago: Michael Cole. Members of the WWE Universe cheered Cena's pick as Cole pleaded with Big Johnny to intervene – to no avail. 

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