Which of WWE's young lions could become king?

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May 23, 2012

In the jungle, there can only be one king. But there have never been any shortage of challengers to the lofty throne occupied by the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, WWE Champion CM Punk and Triple H in the land of WWE. Those alpha males have managed to keep a firm hold on the top spot thus far, but we at WWE.com feel the winds of change stirring in the jungle.

The recent influx of talent into the WWE roster has been impossible to ignore, and so has the impact of that talent. These young Superstars and Divas are doing more than winning matches, they’re distinguishing themselves in their first weeks out, and the opportunity for new kings to step up and make a name for themselves has never been riper. Far be it from us to predict the future, but don’t be surprised if some of these upstarts reach for the brass ring sooner rather than later. Through their charisma, their style or their sheer brute strength, these are the six young lions (and one lioness) who are best suited to become the new kings of the squared circle.

WWE Universe, who do you think will become the new king of the squared circle? Share your thoughts at #wweyounglions.

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