10 twins we want to see in WWE

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May 04, 2012

WWE is feeling just a little less magical these days. That's because the Divas who brought us Twin Magic – Brie and Nikki Bella – were fired by Executive Administrator Eve during Raw SuperShow.

The Bellas could be remembered as the greatest twin Divas to ever step into the squared circle. Both Nikki and Brie won the Divas Championship and brought a unique two-of-a-kind flair that kept the WWE Universe constantly guessing (how to tell them apart). Yet now that they're gone, who can fill the void and provide an additional double-dose of excitement in WWE?

WWE.com searched far and wide to come up with a dream list of 10 twin pairings we want to see next in WWE. Identical, fraternal, even sororal – they're all welcome in our eclectic mix of selections.

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