Brock and Cena: Their turbulent history

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April 09, 2012

Before Brock Lesnar sent John Cena crashing to the mat with an F-5 on Raw SuperShow, there was a striking moment of déjà vu. The look in both of their eyes made it all seem like this wasn't a random collision between WWE Superstars. You got the sense there was something bubbling hot under the surface. (PHOTOS)

We can't begin to determine why Lesnar came back and immediately targeted Cena. Trying to do that would be futile. As evidenced on Raw, Brock is unpredictably dangerous. His vicious attack could've been about making a statement to the entire WWE Universe, or perhaps he wanted to send a lasting message to the Cenation leader – just like he did nearly a decade ago.

As it turns out, these two have a rocky history dating back to 2003 – one that includes scathing insults, the birth of Cena's finishing maneuver, and a hard-fought clash for the WWE Championship. While the WWE Universe waits to learn more about Brock's intentions coming out of that shocking assault, it's the perfect time to trace where the bad blood first boiled over between Lesnar and Cena. 

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