Zack Ryder injury update

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January 24, 2012

In a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Zack Ryder was hospitalized after being chokeslammed by Kane through the stage. (PHOTOS | WATCH) Following the vicious assault, WWE officials, as well as Eve and John Cena, rushed to the fallen Superstar’s side (MORE).

On Tuesday afternoon, caught up with WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann regarding Ryder’s condition. “When he was taken to the trauma center, the initial working diagnosis was vertebral fracture. However, after further review of the imaging studies, we determined that his injury is in fact a herniated disc,” Amann said.

“At this point, his neurologic exam is stable, so no surgery is anticipated at this time. We plan on getting him into rehab and treatment with anti-inflammatory medications, to help with the swelling around the nerve. We’ll be monitoring his progress.”

Stay with for more on Ryder's recovery.

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