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10 former Superstars who Heath Slater can defeat

He's The One-Man Band, baby! And he doesn't care what any of the past WWE Superstars think about him.

Over the last several weeks, Heath Slater has tussled with a veritable who's who of WWE Legends – Vader, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Sycho Sid, Doink the Clown and Diamond Dallas Page. Even though he's only gotten the best of Doink on Raw SuperShow, Slater continues to beat his own drum and welcomes all challenges. As we wait to find out which other former Superstars will make their comebacks, WWE.com takes a look at 10 options to send The One-Man Band marching in the right direction in the win column.

Barry Horowitz

The consummate journeyman of WWE history. If it’s an exaggeration to say you could count Barry Horowitz’s wins on one hand, it’s a small one. But what he lacked in supremacy, he made up for in miles and miles of heart. There’s no shame in beating a Superstar as brave as Horowitz and, well, let’s just say if Slater were to win, we wouldn’t begrudge him a hard-earned self-pat on the back. 


Goldberg will forever be remembered as one of the most dominant Superstars to ever set foot in a ring, WWE or otherwise. He was the epitome of aggression and brute strength. Gillberg was not that man. Goldberg’s diminutive doppelganger was a fan favorite but sorely lacked the presence of the original. Slater might never get a shot at Goldberg, but if Gillberg were to take a crack at The One-Man Band, there’s a chance Heath could add a notch to his win column. 

"Iron" Mike Sharpe

Slater clearly takes great pride in his flowing locks. "Iron" Mike Sharpe does not care much for hair product (or combs). It would be an entertaining clash of styles if The One-Man Band butted heads with this flailing, grunting tough guy who dubbed himself "Canada's Greatest Athlete." Sharpe was always more bark than bite, and as long as Slater dodged wild blows from that potentially loaded arm brace, facing "Iron" Mike should be a rockin' good time.

Blue Meanie

Ah, the Blue Meanie. Who could ever forget this bizarre Superstar with his blinding hair and endearingly strange personality? Meanie remains a fond fixture of the Attitude Era (not to mention ECW), and a win over such a battle-tried Superstar could do wonders for The One-Man Band’s confidence.

Brooklyn Brawler

A beloved WWE Legend with spotty luck inside the ring, this belligerent city-dweller would make the perfect foil for Slater, a six-string strumming good ol’ boy who fancies himself the second coming – and solo version – of Lynyrd Skynyrd. As an added bonus, it’d be a unique challenge for The One-Man Band. Of all the legends to appear these weeks, we’re pretty sure Slater hasn’t faced him yet. Right?

Damien Demento

How many competitors can boast they faced someone who was on the original episode of Monday Night Raw and came out on the winning end of it? Should Slater go up against Damien Demento, who fell to The Undertaker on the red brand’s inaugural episode, he’d be saying something that very few active Superstars on the roster could say. Except, of course, for The Undertaker himself. Hey, now there’s an idea …

Aldo Montoya

He's the Portuguese Man O' War, baby! Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? Aldo Montoya didn't get much of an opportunity to show his stuff, but he did square off against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Triple H and Mankind during his brief stay. If Slater craves some international respect, grounding this high-flying masked man from Portugal is a great place to start.

Max Moon

He's the one former Superstar on this list that looks like he's from the future, so we may need a time machine – or possibly a spaceship – to bring him back to Raw. Max Moon defeated Rick Martel and Repo Man in his brief career, but his most memorable appearance came on the first episode of Monday Night Raw, where he fought and lost an Intercontinental Title Match to Shawn Michaels. There's a really good chance that Moon's electronic bodysuit will malfunction after not being used for all these years, which would lead to a far-out victory for Slater.

Jim Powers

Good looks, vigor, and … you guessed it: power. One-half of The Young Stallions, Jim Powers had the whole package as a Superstar, except the victories to show for it. Powers is no stranger to Monday Night Raw action, having sustained a narrow defeat to Jerry "The King" Lawler on one of the early episodes in 1993. Unless Powers' former tag team partner tries to interfere, Slater should have a great shot at bowling over this Stallion.

Paul Roma

If he can tame one Young Stallion, why not go for the other as well? A former WCW Tag Team Champion and a member of The Four Horsemen, Paul Roma didn't rack up many victories as a solo performer in WWE, giving Slater favorable odds of defeating the former professional bodybuilder. Maybe Slater and Roma can even have a Superstar posedown after the match.

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