Sin Cara def. Hunico

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June 17, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Mexican-style professional wrestling took flight at The Meadowlands at No Way Out on Sunday as Sin Cara took on longtime rival Hunico in a match showcasing lucha libre at its finest. (PHOTOS)

The biggest box office draw south of the border, Sin Cara entered the bout as the favorite. The International Sensation has achieved the upper hand in contests against his homeland rival in the past, including a thrilling Mask vs. Mask Match when SmackDown emanated from Mexico in November of last year. But in the shadow of New York City, the action developed a little differently.

Hunico was able to ground Sin Cara like the WWE Universe has not seen before. With his own array of exhilarating aerial attacks – including an impressive springboard senton – and deliberate headlocks, Hunico forced Sin Cara to up his game on Sunday.

With his ally Camacho looking on, Hunico became just a little too confident. After narrowly missing Sin Cara in the corner of the ring, the dazzling Superstar in the red mask nailed his foe with a swift kick to the skull, which followed with a hurricanrana off the top rope. One mistimed maneuver by Hunico was all it took. From there, it was all downhill for the bandana-clad cyclist.

Sin Cara remained in control, and used the remarkable tilt-a-whirl head scissors transitioned to a single arm takedown that he's been using to finish off opponents. Hunico was planted face first into the canvas, and the Mexican phenomenon achieved another victory over his longstanding combatant.

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