ECW Champion Jack Swagger def. Finlay

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February 15, 2009

SEATTLE - In front of the thunderous capacity crowd at No Way Out, ECW Champion Jack Swagger triumphed over Finlay to retain his ECW Championship. Although the Belfast Brawler hoped that Irish eyes would be smiling upon him in his quest for gold at the end of the rainbow, it was the new face of ECW that would have the last laugh.

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The ultimate match between the technically-sound champion and "The Man who Loves to Fight" proved to be an extremely hard-fought battle from the beginning. Finlay showed incredible intestinal fortitude, fighting back with fierce guts and nearly unstoppable heart as the self-proclaimed "Wrestling Prodigy" punished his arm. But after hurling Finlay into Hornswoggle -- sending Finlay's son to the floor -- Swagger hit his challenger with a gutwrench powerbomb for the victory.

This No Way Out powder keg has been building toward explosion for the past several weeks on ECW on Sci Fi. After successfully defending the ECW Championship at Royal Rumble against Matt Hardy, "The All-American American's" title was stolen by Hornswoggle. As Finlay was making his son return the title, Swagger kicked Hornswoggle, prompting Finlay to knock the ECW Champion out with his own gold. Then, when Swagger tried to get some retribution the following week, Hornswoggle helped his father give the ultra-competitive ECW Champion his first loss in singles competition. The situation hit the boiling point when Finlay helped the reemerging Christian give Swagger his second loss the following week with one smash of the shillelagh.

Jack Swagger continues his jubilant success at the top of the Land of the Extreme. But Finlay is never one to take defeat lightly. And with return of Christian -- who has already challenged the winner of the ECW Championship Match this past week -- will Swagger be smiling for long?

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