Edge wins World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match

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February 15, 2009

SEATTLE — Despite letting the WWE Championship slip from his clutches to The Game hours earlier, the Rated-R Superstar found his way back in at No Way Out. The Ultimate Opportunist forcibly, yet masterfully, manipulated entry into Raw's Elimination Chamber Match to capture the World Heavyweight Title. (Photos)

Originally, Edge was not even a thought in the focused mind of Raw's gold bearer, John Cena. When The Champ touched down in Seattle, he had already formulated the best plan of defense for each of his five qualified challengers -- Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Mike Knox and Chris Jericho -- not to mention arguably the most perilous foe in this instance, the Chamber itself.

No one -- especially Cena -- could have foreseen the treachery unfurled by the Rated-R Superstar at No Way Out. The defeated former WWE Champion made prey of Kingston, who likely beamed earlier in the locker room area for his first-ever World Title opportunity. The Ultimate Opportunist found just that, assaulting the Jamaican Superstar and substituting himself in his second Elimination Chamber bout of the night.

The Master of the 619 initiated combat with Jericho, a participant in the original match of this kind in 2002. Soon after, Mysterio pinned another Chamber veteran in Kane, while Jericho dispersed of No. 4 entrant, the Desert Destroyer. Following Edge, The Champ was last to join, but was quickly dispatched after a Code Breaker, 619 and spear from the Rated-R intruder, who locked Cena up for a pin.

An inspiringly valiant effort by Mysterio became abruptly eclipsed as the high-flyer was propelled into the pod encasement, head on. Reeling from this blow plus the entirety of the grueling six-man scuffle, the dazed Master of the 619 turned right into a body-contorting spear from the Master Manipulator. And with that, Edge's grin grew wide as his waist grew heavy with Raw's gold.

It was the first time both the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles were defended within the chain link entrapment known as the Elimination Chamber in a single evening. In a spin of irony, Edge not only competed in the pair, but also wore both of the squared circle's most coveted titles.

The Rated-R Superstar's fourth World Heavyweight Championship reign is the result of yet another scheme and tainted triumph that has come to typify his success. In fact, familiar images of Cena, the Elimination Chamber and a perfectly planted spear mirrored Edge's initial WWE Championship snare at New Year's Revolution 2006.

Tracing the evening's progression, from opening match to final moments, the first man pinned was ultimately the last man standing -- a testament to the unpredictability of WWE. The most intriguing fact behind the mayhem, however, is that the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania is a mere six weeks away and the two top titles in WWE now belong to the Friday night brand. With newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Edge and WWE Champion Triple H sharing the SmackDown stage, just how erratic will the Road to WrestleMania get?

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