Finlay & Little Bastard def. Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman

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February 18, 2007

In a Mixed Tag Team contest SmackDown announcer JBL could only describe as a crazy horror movie—"and not a very good one"—Irish eyes were smiling on Finlay & Little Bastard in Los Angeles' sold-out Staples Center Sunday night. More important, the Fighting Irishmen's victory over Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman at No Way Out was certainly anything but a short-sighted win for the fearful Little Bastard.

For the first time anywhere, the belligerent leprechaun made himself heard as he nervously followed Finlay around before the match. He also made it clear that, unlike Finlay, he didn't love to fight—at least when it came to the Boogeymen who terrorized him on SmackDown over the past several weeks. Finlay tried instilling courage in his Guinness pint-sized partner, but all he did was push Little Bastard into a huge confession: "Little people are scary!" Not even the Fighting Irishman could resist supporting the little guy with a big hug…before violently hurling him into a tiny dumpster so he could prepare for the match without further distractions.

Perhaps Finlay's "tough love" was the right approach, though Little Bastard wouldn't understand that right away. From the moment Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman made their epileptic-like gyrations toward the squared circle, the leprechaun hid not just in his corner, but beneath it. Finlay would deal with the one-and-a-half Boogeymen for much of the contest, though even he seemed unsure just how to handle his opponents' extremely unorthodox style. The vast Staples Center crowd also sounded divided as to who to cheer for; all they wanted most was a confrontation of the littlest kind. And they finally got it when Little Bastard made his big stand against Little Boogeyman. He doffed his little hat, took off his tiny coat, rolled up his little shirt sleeves…and gave Finlay time to unload a massive boot across Little Boogey's inchworm-eating mouth.

Boogeyman would soon rally against the Fighting Irishman, launching his itty-bitty buddy off the second rope and on top of Finlay's sternum. But Little Bastard and his shillelagh made more than a little save by breaking up a sure pinfall. The leprechaun appeared to make a beeline for Belfast as Boogeyman chased him to the outside, though the chaos distracted the referee long enough for Finlay to crush the shillelagh across Little Boogeyman's skull, creating an enormous impact that made the crowd cringe. A short three-count later, and the match was over.

Boogeyman would tend to Little Boogey with some worm food, his eyes widening with anger as the smiling Finlay departed from the ring. If you were to ask anyone in attendance at No Way Out, they'd tell you that this bitter rivalry shows no signs of stunted growth., your home for official WWE merchandise.

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