Big Show def. Undertaker

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October 05, 2008

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Undertaker fell at the massive hands of Big Show at No Mercy, as The World's Largest Athlete knocked out The Deadman with a little help from an exposed turnbuckle. Although his means were questionable, the end of the bout was definitely irrefutable -- Big Show scored a resounding victory.

The match proved to be an extremely heated battle from the opening bell, with the future of SmackDown hanging in the balance. Neither Superstar gave the other room to breathe in the intense, non-stop action of pure brutality. In the end, after slamming Undertaker's head into an exposed turnbuckle, Big Show delivered three devastating punches to The Phenom's head for the KO victory.

The Phenom returned after being banished from WWE, fueled by a thirst for vengeance on every soul that played a part in his involuntary departure. He sent Edge to Hell at SummerSlam (PHOTOS), brutalized Chavo Guerrero and "The Family" on SmackDown, and even Tombstoned SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero two weeks ago (WATCH). It seemed inevitable that he would fulfill his last piece of revenge at No Mercy by toppling Big Show for ambushing him at Unforgiven.

Big Show has formed an extremely powerful association with Vickie Guerrero in recent weeks. He vowed that he would make The Deadman sorry for the disorder he has unleashed upon SmackDown's establishment, proclaiming to the WWE Universe that he has already destroyed the myth that was Undertaker. Not only did he knock out his legendary prey at Unforgiven (PHOTOS), but he also declared that he broke his spirit along with his jaw.

Although Big Show's victory over The Phenom was not without dispute, it is undeniable that he has put him down for the second time. The Deadman was beaten at No Mercy, but there is little chance that his vengeance will rest in peace.

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