WWE Champion Triple H def. Umaga

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October 07, 2007

CHICAGO -- Going into No Mercy, Triple H's showdown with Umaga was only about two irresistible forces and whether or not The Game would be able survive the onslaught of a bloodthirsty, vengeance-minded beast. The Game had not only survived the Samoan Bulldozer, but he made his first successful defense of his newly-won WWE Championship -- but just barely.

The Game could barely rise to his feet as he clutched his WWE Championship. Earlier that night, he shocked the entire WWE when he defeated newly-coronated WWE Champion Randy Orton for the title. Triple H's celebration was short-lived, however, as Mr. McMahon informed him that he would make his first title defense against Umaga that same night.

Triple H and Umaga's battle was as brutal as expected. The 348 pound Samoan Bulldozer was determined to give The Game a crimson-soaked receipt for a brutal beating that left the beast face-down in his own blood and sidelined for several weeks. Triple H did what no other Superstar had done, and Umaga could think of no better way of getting revenge than by dismantling The Game and taking his WWE Championship.

The 11-time World Champion was still spent from his grueling match with Orton. But he never complained and never hesitated when he was told he was defending his title against Umaga. The Bulldozer rattled Triple H's ribs and was unrelenting as he punished The Cerebral Assassin. Undoubtedly, he was reliving how Triple H repeatedly walloped him over the head with a chair and then the sledgehammer Sept. 3 on Raw. He was remembering how his own blood flowed into his eyes as The Cerebral Assassin knelt over and ordered him to look at the face of the man who was going to end his career.

But Triple H showed that he knew how to battle and overcome the odds -- and why he has been a world champion many times over. He fought back and took the battle to the Samoan monster.

To the amazement of our fans at the Allstate Arena -- and the disgust of the Chairman -- he eked out a victory over Umaga. The Cerebral Assassin outwitted Umaga and Mr. McMahon and deprived them of their vengeance.

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