United States Champion Kofi Kingston def. Primo, MVP, Carlito, Jack Swagger and The Miz (Six Pack Challenge)

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July 26, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - With the odds stacked against him in a Six Pack Challenge, United States Champion Kofi Kingston did the unthinkable and defeated his five opponents to retain his title at Night of Champions.

Against a quintet of challengers, things weren't looking good for the Jamaican Superstar and with less than a 20 percent chance that he'd retain his gold, Big Show's involvement in the match made that seem that much more unlikely.

However, tonight, instead of Kofi's opponents being Jack Swagger, MVP, The Miz, Carlito and Big Show, The World's Largest Athlete was replaced by Primo after the 7-foot, 485-pound Superstar was revealed to be Chris Jericho's tag team partner earlier in the night. This swap might have been exactly what the Jamaican Superstar needed to even the playing field in his title defense.

Seeing as the first to person to get a pinfall or submission would be leaving with the title, Kingston did everything in his power to top his opponents. In the end, it was Kofi nailing Carlito with Trouble in Paradise and pinning the apple-spitting Superstar amongst the bodies of his incapacitated opponents.

Like every other time he steps into the ring, Kingston gave it his all and was paid off by walking back to the locker room still carrying the United States Championship.

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