Women's Champion Mickie James def. Katie Lea Burchill (Women's Championship Match)

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June 29, 2008

DALLAS -- At Night of Champions, amidst an electrified capacity crowd in the American Airlines Center, heroic Women's Champion Mickie James outfought the cunning Katie Lea Burchill to successfully retain her title.

Since achieving the seemingly impossible last April, taking the coveted gold from The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, James has asserted herself as a champion that has every intention of staying on top. But in recent weeks, newcomer Katie Lea threatened to cut those plans short before they could truly get started, pinning the four-time Women's Champion in tag team action on two separate occasions. Although this instantly propelled her into championship contention, when the smoke cleared, the fierce-fighting Brit could not get it done in singles competition.

This fast-paced match between two of the Sexiest Women on Television was a battle of skill as worthy as the prestigious championship gold that hung in the balance. After suffering a devastating shoulder injury, which the ruthless Katie Lea exploited beyond the limits, Mickie found the inner strength inside herself and sealed the smug challenger's fate with a climatic DDT. 

Mickie James might have been standing tall at the end of the night, but with the WWE 2008 Draft raising the bar of explosive competition, there is no telling what challenge Katie Lea or any other Diva will have in store for Women's Champion Mickie James on Raw.

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