WWE Champion John Cena def. King Booker, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley & Mick Foley (Challenge Match)

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June 24, 2007

HOUSTON -- Vengeance was the Night of Champions, and on this night, it was THE Champ who stood tall once again with the WWE Championship around his waist. Just as he always seems to do, John Cena survived horrendous odds to win the WWE Championship Challenge Match and retain the gold.

Facing the task of having to take down four hungry former World Champions, Cena's chances of winning were a mere 20 percent heading into the match. Even worse, there were no eliminations, disqualifications or count-outs; the first man to gain a pinfall or submission would walk out of Houston as the WWE Champion.

Action was fast and furious as all five combatants battled inside and outside the ring. Each man looked like they would be victorious late in the bout, only to have their championship dream shattered by one of the other three competitors as they attempted the winning pinfall.

Early on, it was a fired up Bobby Lashley who looked like a lock to claim that right. The new Raw draftee, who was stripped of his ECW World Title upon being drafted to Raw, decimated all four competitors. He even stood toe-to-toe with Cena, providing our fans with a momentary glimpse of a dream match in the making. Unfortunately, Cena ended up winning the intra-match war with Lashley, smashing him through the ECW announcers' table with a thunderous FU.

Late in the bout, there was a flurry of action that saw Mick Foley clobber everyone with a steel chair; but just when it looked like the sadistic Hardcore Legend would claim another WWE Championship, long-time nemesis Randy Orton spoiled the party. Ultimately, it would be Foley who would end up as the one who actually tasted defeat.

With the other three competitors knocked out of the ring, an exhausted Cena hoisted Mrs. Foley's baby boy onto his shoulders. With a yell, he drove Foley into the mat with an FU and covered him to take the winning pinfall, a result that even surprised Cena.

"That was truly like betting the farm on roulette and hitting…one in a million," an amazed Cena said after the match. "You could see the chaos out there. I've said it before: I hate those kinds of matches. I'm just glad I came out clean on the other side."

Already in 2007, John Cena has had to endure a brutal Last Man Standing Match with Umaga, an epic clash with Shawn Michaels, a Fatal Four Way and a tripleheader with The Great Khali. Yet after surviving a schedule that would make most ordinary men crumble, The Champ once again dug down deep and "came out clean" against four men who have reached the top of the sports-entertainment mountain.

Ladies and gentlemen…The Champ is still here.

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