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Kane’s injury keeps him out of Money in the Bank

After days of speculation, it’s now official. The Big Red Monster Kane will not compete in this Sunday’s Money in the Bank All-Stars Match, according to WWE.com sources.

Kane was injured in a brutal assault by The Wyatt Family on Raw, leaving the veteran with head and neck trauma.

Watch The Wyatts viciously pummel Kane

Kane’s absence leaves a hole in perhaps the highest stakes match of the year. Will another Superstar get the opportunity to compete? As of Friday, WWE.com was unable to find out if a replacement will be named, but here are some potential Superstars who might be able to fill the void.

The Great Khali
The 347-pound former World Heavyweight Champion would certainly be a formidable force to be reckoned with in the All-Stars Match. Although the giant can boast many accomplishments in his career, the WWE Title has eluded him. A win this Sunday would instantly bring such an opportunity within his massive grasp.

Big Show

Where has The World’s Largest Athlete been as of late? With his “ironclad contract,” he said in a  recent interview he could take time off whenever he pleases. Could he decide to make a return at Money in the Bank?

Kofi Kingston
The high-flying Kofi Kingston is currently out of action and recuperating following  elbow surgery in June. Could he surprise everyone and return sooner than expected?

WWE Legend
Could Raw General Manager Brad Maddox look to make an impact in his new role as early as this

Sunday? If so, there’d be nothing bigger than naming a replacement for Kane. Perhaps instead of a current Superstar, he’d make a huge splash by adding a  WWE Legend to the All-Stars Match?

No one
The Big Red Machine has huge shoes to fill. It’s certainly possible that no Superstar will be called into action to take his place in the Money in the Bank All-Stars Match. If that’s the case, it’s one fewer formidable force for the other combatants to have to deal with.

Who will ascend the ladder and claim the coveted WWE Championship opportunity? To find out, tune in to Money in the Bank this Sunday, with coverage starting during the free  Kickoff Match at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT.

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