Briefcase Confidential: Peering inside Superstars’ briefcases

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July 12, 2012

If one image epitomizes the Money in the Bank Ladder Match better than any other, it’d have to be the briefcase. Though the value of the briefcase is largely symbolic – it’s the guaranteed championship contract inside, after all, that Superstars risk life and limb to retrieve – its association with Money in the Bank is unmistakable.

Moreover, the precedent’s been set that whoever wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match carries the briefcase with him until the moment he chooses to cash in his contract. As such, it seems only reasonable to assume past winners have stored away more than just a single sheet of paper inside the briefcase. (PRINT YOUR OWN CHAMPIONSHIP CONTRACT)

With that in mind, looks at nine Superstars and Divas – Money in the Bank Ladder Match winners, contenders and observers alike – and offers guesses as to what other objects could lurk in their hypothetical briefcases.

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