Undertaker def. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

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May 18, 2008

OMAHA, Neb. -- Undertaker came, he saw, he conquered. However, his victory over Edge came by way of a count-out, and therefore The Phenom was unable to walk away with the gold.

After a battling inside the ring, the two Superstars carried their war out into the stands. But it was Undertaker who was able to get back in the ring before the ref's 10-count. It appeared as if The Phenom had just become new World Heavyweight Champion. That was until SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero -- amidst a chorus of boos -- entered the arena flanked by Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, to remind everyone that a championship can only be won by pinfall or submission.

The championship has remained vacant ever since Guerrero stripped Undertaker of the gold on the May 2 episode of SmackDown. The move was prompted by the Deadman's repeated use of an illegal choke hold -- including against the GM's fiancé Edge at WrestleMania XXIV and Backlash. Guerrero's controversial decision prompted a swift and emotional response from our fans. Read more…

With the title vacant, the GM declared The Deadman would have the opportunity to regain the gold in a World Heavyweight Title Match at Judgment Day. To determine his opponent, Guerrero set up the Championship Chase to Judgment Day on SmackDown on May 9. As a surprise late entrant, Edge emerged victorious. (WATCH)

The GM's efforts to help her fiancé regain the gold seemed to be going just as planned. However, just two nights before Judgment Day on SmackDown, Assistant GM Theodore Long revealed startling news from the WWE Board of Directors. Guerrero herself had to face The Phenom in a match -- or she would be stripped of her title -- just as she stripped the Undertaker of his. She did what she had to do and stepped into the ring for the first time ever and luckily, escaped without serious harm --  thanks to having a four-man advantage in the encounter with The Deadman. Read more…

After all that had transpired between Undertaker, Edge and his family members this year, the stage was finally was set for one Superstar to reclaim the gold at Judgment Day. But with Undertaker's win by count-out, the question lingers: who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion? Will the Rated-R Superstar and Undertaker continue to be the frontrunners for the gold? Or, will another Superstar step up and claim the title?

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