World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

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May 20, 2007

ST. LOUIS -- After a Side Effect from Matt Hardy, Lance Cade was left stunned on the canvas Sunday night, staring at the blinding arena lights as Jeff Hardy crashed down upon him with a Swanton Bomb. 

As the referee slapped the sweat-covered mat for the 1-2-3, Cade had to be wondering what happened to his partner Trevor Murdoch, who was laying on the ringside matting, unable to stop the ref's count.

He had to wonder what happened to his team's well-crafted game plan to grab The Hardys' World Tag Team Championship. Murdoch and Cade had The Hardys on the ropes multiple times during their Judgment Day match in which the blue-collar boys did everything by the book, breaking no rules.

They followed the tag team textbook to the letter -- they divided the ring, tagged in and out frequently, and double-teamed their opponents within the official's five-count. And yet, Cade was the one prone on the mat, watching The Hardys celebrate yet again. 

What chapter of that tag team textbook covers disappointment? There must be pictures of the blue-collar duo as Exhibit A, coming so close again to toppling the Carolina kids.

After the match, with the crowd chanting, "shake their hands," The Hardys offered good sportsmanship to their rivals as a consolation -- the same sportsmanship offered to them numerous times in past weeks. They continued their praise post-match.

"We wanted to go out and have a great match with Cade and Murdoch, two guys who seem to have turned over a new leaf," Matt Hardy told "To beat them … in the middle of the ring is quite an accomplishment for us. And it means that The Hardys' seventh tag team title reign keeps rollin' on."

One has to wonder how much longer Cade and Murdoch can keep sportsmanship at the forefront as, again, they lose to the champions, seeing the prized tag titles walk out of the ring on their opponents' waists.  

How much longer can these blue-collar boys hold to their resolution to steadfastly keep to the rulebook? Or will these wolves in sheep's clothing come to the realization that rules -- much like The Hardys title reign -- are meant to be broken?

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