Randy Orton def. Shawn Michaels

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May 20, 2007

ST. LOUIS -- A wounded and concussed Shawn Michaels gave it his best effort at Judgment Day before collapsing in the ring. Due to the collapse, referee Marty Elias was forced to stop the match and award the victory to Randy Orton.
Many surmised that Michaels wouldn't even make it to Judgment Day, courtesy of a concussion suffered at the hands of The Great Khali, a brutal Raw match with Edge and a vicious post-Raw main event attack by Orton.
But just like he always does, Michaels showed up and was ready to answer the bell, ready to give 100 percent against Orton. Instead, but moments before the match was set to begin, the Legend Killer viciously ensured that he couldn't. Attacking HBK during an interview, the opportunistic Orton sadistically slammed Michaels head first into the staging, further exacerbating HBK's pre-existing head injuries.
It was clear that HBK was in no condition to compete, and WWE's Dr. Ferdinand Rios forbade Shawn from competing. But he didn't listen, as when Orton demanded to be announced as the winner by forfeit, a visibly woozy Michaels stumbled his way to ringside.
Unfortunately, even the heart of a champion and the spirit of a warrior that HBK possesses wasn't enough on this night. Orton wisely and opportunistically focused his attack on Michaels' head, knocking him silly seconds into the bout. Finally, after a few minutes of pounding, referee Marty Elias stopped the match after Shawn tried to attempt Sweet Chin Music but simply fell flat on his back. 
With a sadistic smirk, Orton added insult to injury by dropping HBK with a post-match RKO before WWE's medical team and even HBK's wife Rebecca rushed to the ring to check on the fallen Showstopper. The Legend Killer simply smirked and left the ring as Michaels was loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled out with a visibly upset Rebecca right by his side.
Although it was under dubious circumstances, the Legend Killer claimed another victim at Judgment Day. Shawn Michaels gallantly gave it his all, but after another brutal beating, only time will tell whether he will ever be the same again.

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