CM Punk def. Elijah Burke

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May 20, 2007

ST. LOUIS -- CM Punk proved he is a man who can survive on his own when he hit the leader of the New Breed with a knee to the stomach and covered him for the three-count.

"I'm the type of man who lives and dies alone," Punk said before the match. "Whether I win or lose, I will do it on my own. I temporarily joined the New Breed to teach Elijah Burke a lesson -- that I'm my own man."

Punk did just that at the pay-per-view. The contest is the most recent of a series of lessons, which began when the Straightedge Superstar cost Burke a match against Rob Van Dam on ECW on Sci Fi. Burke got in the last blow before Judgment Day when he hit Punk with a bruising kick to the ribs, but it was Punk who laughed last when the two met in the ring.

Sources close to CM Punk have said he joined the New Breed from the very beginning with intentions to get the best of Burke. During the two weeks that Punk was a member of the faction, the two Superstars never seemed to be on the same page.

Despite the Judgment Day results, it remains to be seen if the two Superstars' differences have been settled.

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