Daniel Bryan won U.S. Championship Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match

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October 03, 2010

DALLAS -- Only two weeks after defeating The Miz for the United States Championship at Night of Champions, a fiery Daniel Bryan proved he was very much worthy of holding that coveted title when he defeated The "Awesome One" and John Morrison in the first-ever Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match, making The Miz tap out to the devastating LeBell Lock at WWE Hell in a Cell. (PHOTOS)

Going into tonight's match, it was clear that Daniel Bryan would be looking to apply this brutal hold to whomever he could get his hands on. After all, it was the LeBell Lock that the Raw Superstar used to capture the U.S. Title at Night of Champions. But the unique stipulations of this bout made getting a submission victory a lot easier said than done.

With no disqualifications in this match, Daniel Bryan knew he'd have to keep an eye out for The Miz's personal apprentice, Alex Riley -- a man who would do anything to earn Mr. Money in the Bank's approval. And in the case of Morrison, the United States Champion had to contend with an unpredictable Superstar trained in parkour, an amazing athletic skill that allows The Monday Night Delight to turn any part of the arena into his personal playground. 

For a Superstar so young in his career, the bout was a true challenge, but Daniel Bryan was up to the task. With the action flying fast and furious from the very beginning, all three competitors tried to keep pace as the fight went from the ring to the floor to the bleachers of the American Airlines Center. But things truly heated up when Morrison scaled the massive set on the entrance ramp and launched himself onto Miz and Daniel Bryan.

The breathtaking risk may have helped The Guru of Greatness get the victory, but intereference from Alex Riley stopped that from happening. Instead, it would be the dispatching of Riley by Daniel Bryan and a LeBell Lock on The Miz that would give the United States Champion the win.

With his victory tonight, Daniel Bryan proved that he has come a long way since his shaky early days as The Miz's Rookie on the first season of WWE NXT. But what will this talented newcomer accomplish next? Tune in to Raw on Monday night to find out.

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