WWE’s 10 rulers of 'Hell'

For those who enter Hell in a Cell's steel mesh walls, nothing is guaranteed other than a career-altering experience.

The wicked fortress is a venue where some Superstars may fear to tread, and with good reason: Bodies are scarred and maimed there, and the emotional and mental anguish of competing inside the Cell is often the only thing that outlasts the physical toll that is taken. Some Superstars, however, have proven to be especially adept at life inside the Cell. Call them denizens, masochists or daredevils, yet in the context of WWE, they are truly the rulers of "Hell."

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In ordering this list of the top 10 Hell in a Cell combatants, their win-loss records, overall number of trips inside the Cell and the quality of competition are all considered, as is the “Phenom factor.” (Waging war inside the Cell against The Undertaker is an incomparable challenge and thus deserves greater weighting.) After browsing through our entries, let us know how we did: Add your voice to this conversation by naming your picks in the comments section below.