Ryback def. local athletes

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April 29, 2012

CHICAGO– When Ryback marches into an arena, there’s only one certainty for his opponents – destruction. It was no different for the two Chicago-based competitors who took on the machine-like Superstar at Extreme Rules.

The two competitors thought they had a mathematic advantage prior to the opening bell. Showing their work to the WWE Universe, the pair explained that two was, in fact, greater than one, which would give them a clear path to victory.

Ryback, however, showed he doesn’t care much for numbers. As Santino Marella and The Great Khali watched from backstage, the near-300-pounder systematically picked apart his opponents in short order. The two Chicago locals had no way of defending the offensive onslaught of Ryback.

After a rapid-fire series of vicious strikes and slams, Ryback put his opposition out of their misery. The Milan Miracle and The Punjabi Nightmare, like the WWE Universe, watched in amazement as one of WWE’s newest Superstars continued along his path of destruction.

While Ryback is a man of very few words, what he has said following his dominating victories has left no questions as to his desire.

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