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April 27, 2012

Most Extreme Hall of Famer – Terry Funk

Mick Foley is the undisputed claimant of the moniker “Hardcore Legend,” but no WWE Hall of Famer can quite match up to Terry Funk in the category of hardcore competition.

Simply put, Funk was hardcore before hardcore was “in.” He traded blows with Abdullah the Butcher in Japan during the ‘70s, piledrove Ric Flair on a table in the ‘80s and was a major cog in ECW in the ‘90s, winning the renegade promotion’s championship at its inaugural pay-per-view, Barely Legal.

Though Funk left a lasting impression on WWE during a brief stint in the ‘80s, it was his late ‘90s return as Foley’s chainsaw-wielding madman mentor, “Chainsaw Charlie,” that cemented his place among the upper echelon of WWE’s all-time great extreme performers.

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