John Cena wins Elimination Chamber Match; Batista defeats Cena (New WWE Champion)

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February 21, 2010

ST. LOUIS -- "All glory is fleeting." -- Anonymous 

Few men have felt the sting of that axiom quite like John Cena. The Superstar had struggled against five resolute rivals -- Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston -- in one of the most unforgiving structures ever devised to capture his sixth WWE Championship. An exhausted Cena basked in his accomplishment as the WWE Universe reigned their approval upon him. Glory was his.

That glory, however, proved fleeting indeed. Mr. McMahon and his de facto enforcer as of late, Batista, made their way to the ring. The Chairman informed the newly crowned champion that he must defend his title against The Animal -- immediately. Cena appeared incredulous, but knowing Mr. McMahon, perhaps he should have expected just such a despicable twist. Despite a valiant effort, Cena seemed too battered, too spent to mount a worthy defense, and he was forced to relinquish the championship to a victorious Batista. (PHOTOS

This final shocking turn capped off an entire match littered with surprises. The biggest shake-up may have been the further dismantling of The Legacy. If ringleader Orton had come to question the loyalty of DiBiase, he needn't question it any further -- it's long gone. As DiBiase and The Viper battled inside the chamber, Rhodes came to the ring to sneak a lead pipe to his mentor. DiBiase, however, claimed the pipe and bashed Orton with it before pinning him.

In other action, the seemingly unstoppable Sheamus met his match against Triple H. It was The King of Kings who avenged an attack from The Celtic Warrior a week earlier and put an end to his tyrannical rule by eliminating Sheamus from the bout. The Game would eventually face Cena, who forced him to tap out to claim the title, brief as it was.

What will happen in the wake of such unexpected developments remains to be seen, but it's unlikely that any of the six Superstars involved in the match will give up their quest for the most revered of treasures, the WWE Championship. After all, glory may be fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever.

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