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February 21, 2010

ST. LOUIS - United States Champion The Miz appeared at Elimination Chamber as per usual to talk up himself, and more specifically his role as a WWE Pro on Tuesday's premiere episode of WWE NXT. However, when "The Awesome One" was forced to defend his U.S. Title, he ended up adding further legitimacy to his frequent, self-aggrandizing claims by defeating his frequent rival, MVP.

While being interviewed by Josh Mathews about the debut of WWE NXT, The Miz took the opportunity to degrade his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. Just as he did on his WWE Universe blog, the United States Champion criticized Bryan for his lack of personality, but before he could go on for too long, "The Awesome One" was interrupted by none other than MVP. By pinning Miz during a Unified Tag Team Championship Match on Raw, The Ballin' Superstar earned another chance to win the U.S. Title. MVP then went on to inform a surprised Miz that he'd be cashing in that opportunity later in the night.

When it came time for the U.S. Title Match, both Superstars came to the ring with some heavy artillery. While The Miz was accompanied by fellow Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show, MVP was backed up by his frequent tag team partner, Mark Henry. Though both ring warriors have become increasingly familiar with one another's tactics due to their frequent skirmishes, The Ballin' Superstar benefited the most from the knowledge, as he spent much of the match in complete control.

Things started to unravel for MVP however, when Big Show became involved in the contest. Though Mark Henry attempted to prevent any foul-play, The World's Largest Athlete retaliated by sending The World's Strongest Man through a barricade. Then, with the referee distracted, Big Show landed a Knockout Punch on MVP, giving The Miz just the opening he needed to pin his rival and retain his U.S. Championship.

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