Michelle McCool & Layla def. Gail Kim & Maryse

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February 21, 2010

ST. LOUIS - Michelle McCool & Layla defeated Maryse & Gail Kim in an impromptu Divas Tag Team Match ordered at the last minute by SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero, live from the "Gateway City."

WATCH: The winners brag 

It had been a hard fought Divas Championship Tournament after Melina was forced to vacate the title due to injury. After many grueling and action-packed matches, Gail Kim and Maryse were set-up to square off for the coveted Divas Championship. The match was set for WWE Elimination Chamber and a heated, yet fairly civil, rivalry was about to reach its pinnacle.

However, the conclusion to the Divas Championship Tournament was simply not in the cards for WWE Elimination Chamber as SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero changed the match at the very last second. Feeling that the SmackDown Divas were not properly represented in the night's event, she postponed the Championship Match and set a tag team contest, Gail Kim & Maryse vs. SmackDown Divas Michelle McCool & Layla.(PHOTOS)

Vickie Guerrero cited Raw Divas' comments against SmackDown's sexy, smart and powerful women as a major factor in her decision to order the match change.

As the bout got underway, it became abundantly clear that Maryse had no interest in being Gail Kim's partner and refused to tag into the contest. This allowed Michelle McCool and Layla to pick up a victory for SmackDown in what essentially became more of a handicap encounter.

Adding insult to injury, after the match, Maryse then hit Gail Kim with the French Kiss, leaving her eventual Divas Championship opponent laid out in the middle of the ring. While tensions further erupted between Gail Kim and Maryse, the night ended with a still vacated Divas Championship.

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