Chamber of Horrors: 10 most vicious moments

Let’s get this straight, right off the bat: Competing in the Elimination Chamber Match is not a pleasurable experience. Superstars speak of the caged dome with great reverence, occasional regret and maybe even, once in a while, excitement. But absolutely no one finds it a welcoming battleground.

“Hell in a Cell is brutal because of what the guys who are in it do to each other,” Triple H told WWE Magazine. “The Elimination Chamber is brutal because the chamber itself is brutal.”

In his second book, “Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps,” seven-time Chamber participant Chris Jericho went so far as to call the structure a “vile contraption.”

“You could tell whoever built the Chamber had never wrestled a match in their life, as it was awkward, unforgiving, and just plain painful,” he wrote.

These statements are not without foundation. Set your eyes to stunned and read on as we present 10 distinct moments from past Elimination Chamber Matches that helped give the Chamber its reputation as “Satan’s Prison.”