Rey Mysterio def. Finlay (Stretcher Match)

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August 28, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Finlay wheeled its way to yet another chapter when you, our fans, voted for the two Superstars to face off in a Stretcher Match at Cyber Sunday.

The rules to the Stretcher Match are clear: Incapacitate your opponent to the point that you can place him on the stretcher and wheel him over the white line. Sunday night, Mysterio was able to do just that, putting Finlay on the gurney and pushing him over the white line to pick up the victory.
With the shillelagh hanging above the ring during the contest, and with no rules preventing him, Finlay retrieved his ever-trusted weapon and hoped to put an end to the high-flying Rey Mysterio. But the resilient Mysterio withstood the tricks of the Irishman to put Finlay on the stretcher and secure the win.

"I had never been in a Stretcher Match and didn't know what to expect," said Mysterio, "but I was prepared for whatever the fans chose."
With the victory, Mysterio gained the retribution he had been seeking since he was viciously attacked at the hands of Finlay at No Mercy earlier this month. During that contest, the Irishman feigned injury and was being taken out of the arena on a stretcher when he jumped up and assaulted Mysterio.
This past Friday on SmackDown, the Cyber Sunday opponents and bitter rivals were forced to team together to take on WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP. As Mysterio looked in control, Finlay took advantage of a distracted referee and hit his partner with the shillelagh to give the win to the tag champs. 

At Cyber Sunday, Rey Mysterio laid it all on the line to pick up the win over Finlay, while the Irishman was just laid out.

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