Kane def. United States Champion MVP (Countout, MVP retains)

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August 28, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As announced during Cyber Sunday, WWE officials did not medically clear Matt Hardy to compete against United States Champion MVP. So instead of seeing the WWE Tag Team Champions do battle, you the fans, got to choose whether Kane, The Great Khali or Mark Henry would battle Porter for his title. Sixty-seven percent of you voted in the Big Red Monster, and while he may have won the match, his count-out victory means that the gold stays around MVP's waist.

MVP seemed happy when he found out that he wouldn't have to battle his tag team partner in the nation's capital; however, that joy quickly turned sour when Hardy told him of his alternate plans. When it was announced that Kane -- who garnered two-thirds of your votes -- was his opponent, MVP's night seemingly went from bad to worse.

Both men focused their offensive efforts on their opponent's ribs -- a smart strategy for MVP, who knew that Kane's ribs had been injured by Big Daddy V earlier in the week. After the Big Red Monster used the ring post as a weapon to further assault the champion's ribs, MVP may have used another piece of smart strategy to end his suffering as quickly as possible.

As referee Charles Robinson continued his 10-count, the Ballin' Superstar seemed to have a couple of opportunities to roll back into the ring. But instead of re-entering the squared circle, MVP fell back to the floor. Robinson completed his count, giving Kane the victory; however, because titles cannot change hands on a count-out, MVP remains the United States Champion.

So while MVP -- or his tag team partner, for that matter -- might not be doing much ballin' after Cyber Sunday, come Halloween night, he'll still have two 15-pound golden accessories draped around the ample shoulders of whatever costume he chooses to wear.

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