ECW Champion CM Punk def. The Miz

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August 28, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Miz may not be far off when he says the women love him and the men respect him enough to fear him, as he racked in the votes to challenge CM Punk for the ECW Championship. Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed "chick magnet," that did not translate into a win as the Straightedge Superstar retained the gold against him at Cyber Sunday. The man who insists on giving out reality checks found himself dreaming after Punk hit him with the GTS and then covered him for the three-count.

"I'm glad it was The Miz," Punk said. It's not because he thinks The Miz was the easiest of his three possible opponents, at all. "I just hate that hat he wears. And I've been waiting to kick him in the face for a long time."

The ECW Champion went into his Cyber Sunday contest having to prepare for three different men, not knowing if he would face Big Daddy V, former champion John Morrison or The Miz. The incumbent prevailed, though, in his second affair defending the title.

The Miz has been busy leading up to Sunday's pay-per-view. It's no secret that he has been distracted by Kelly Kelly's desire to date Balls Mahoney. Meanwhile, he has been campaigning to participate on Sunday. In all that has been on his plate, perhaps he just didn't have enough time to prepare for a match. Instead of having the gold as an extra escort to the ring, The Miz is stuck with a missed opportunity and his first solo loss since joining the Land of the Extreme.

"Miz," said CM Punk, "it was a pleasure."

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