Matt Hardy def. United States Champion MVP (new champion)

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April 27, 2008

BALTIMORE -- Matt Hardy's nearly year-long pursuit of MVP and the United States Championship came full circle at Backlash, as the determined Superstar defeated the Ballin' Superstar to finally claim the gold.

In a rivalry that has been about who is better than whom, Hardy was the better Superstar on this night -- proving that the knee injury that kept him away from the ring for months, courtesy of MVP, did not derail his dreams of holding the gold. In a competitive back-and-forth match between the two, Matt Hardy showed MVP and our fans the fire that has made him one of WWE's greatest competitors, taking control of a mistake by MVP to deliver a Twist of Fate to get the win and shock the brazen Baller.

A multiple-time tag team champion and former Cruiserweight Champion, European Champion and Hardcore Champion, Hardy has always been viewed as a Superstar with tons of untapped potential. With his huge win at Backlash over arguably his biggest rival in his career, the glass ceiling that Matt Hardy has always been high-flying toward has finally been shattered -- all at the expense of the former longest running United States Champion in WWE history, the ever-cocky MVP.

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