Carlito def. Chris Masters

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April 30, 2006

Backlash kicked off with a bang as Carlito faced off against former tag team partner Chris Masters in grudge match. Four weeks ago, fresh off a WrestleMania 22 loss to Kane & Big Show, Carlito turned on The Masterpiece and hit him with a devastating back cracker. Just two weeks ago, Masters gained a measure of revenge when he caught Carlito in the unbreakable Master Lock. But this time they were face-to-face, and the time for sneak attacks was over.

Masters utilized his size advantage and immense strength to take control of the match early on. He slowed down the pace and kept Carlito grounded, setting him up for the Master Lock. The Masterpiece thought he had Carlito right where he wanted him on a couple of occasions, but Carlito managed to avoid his dreaded submission maneuver twice. After negotiating the Master Lock a second time, Carlito hit a back cracker on Masters. The resourceful Carlito pinned Masters, but did so with his feet on the ropes for added leverage. It took some trickery, but Carlito walked away with the victory. But is it just a matter of time before The Masterpiece brings him down with the Master Lock?

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