Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon def. Shawn Michaels & "God"

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April 30, 2006

Ever since the night after Christmas, Mr. McMahon has made it his mission to make Shawn Michaels' life a living hell. But in recent weeks, Mr. McMahon's obsession has reached new and disturbing heights. The ultimate proof of this came when Mr. McMahon had the audacity to bring "God" into the mix.

Shawn Michaels' faith and strong Christian beliefs is well-documented, so Mr. McMahon found it only fitting that at Backlash, HBK should team up with "God" in a tag team match to face himself and his son Shane.

Prior to the match, Mr. McMahon told his son, "You leave ‘God' to me. There's nothing ‘God' can do that I can't do." And throughout the evening, Mr. McMahon tried to prove just that. He showed the world that he can walk on water, make a bountiful supply of fish and bread appear from out of nowhere and even turn water into wine. Then he topped it all off by curiously healing Candice's chest cold with his "miraculous touch".

Mr. McMahon even announced "God" himself when it came time for the match. When "God" entered the ring, the Chairman ordered the referee to check him out for foreign objects. But then he changed his mind, and said "Bring it," as it was now a No Holds Barred Match.

Despite Mr. McMahon's insistence that this was really a tag team match, for all intents and purposes, this had turned into a Handicap, No Holds Barred Match, and the odds were stacked heavily against HBK.

Michaels started out a house of fire, brutalizing Shane on the stage. He even sent himself and Mr. McMahon off the stage and through a platform with a flying bodypress. The action soon turned back to the ring area, though, and Shane sent HBK head-first into the ring post busting him wide open.

In the middle of the match, Mr. McMahon, feeling awfully cocky, got on the microphone and explained that "God" had left the building. Then, trying to add even further insult to injury, the Chairman tuned up the band for his own rendition of Sweet Chin Music. But before he could connect, the Showstopper caught his leg and mounted a comeback.

HBK was a man possessed and it looked like nothing could stop him. He dominated Mr. McMahon and Shane and knocked them both out with Sweet Chin Music before setting them up on side-by-side tables. HBK then retrieved an enormous ladder and set it up. It looked as though he would attempt another flying elbow drop, just as he did at WrestleMania 22, but instead he leapt to the outside of the ring onto all five members of the Spirit Squad who had appeared seemingly from out of nowhere.

The Showstopper's offense stopped there, as the numbers advantage was just too much. Not only was this a No Holds Barred Handicap Match, but it had degenerated into a 7-on-1 match. It was just too much for anyone to overcome -- even the Heartbreak Kid. The Spirit Squad rolled HBK back into the ring and hoisted him high up into the air, and send him crashing down through a table. Mr. McMahon, with a maniacal grin on his face, covered Michaels for the win.

Following the match, the Spirit Squad lifted both Mr. McMahon and Shane up onto their shoulders for a victory pose. Mr. McMahon then gloated about his victory, saying, "I beat ‘God'." Now that Mr. McMahon has beaten the "God", will he finally leave Shawn Michaels alone? Or is this just the tip of the iceberg of HBK's own personal hell?

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