Finlay def. The Great Khali

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December 16, 2007

PITTSBURGH -- Over the past few weeks, Finlay has neglected his personal well-being to protect Hornswoggle from the clutches of The Great Khali. At Armageddon, however, the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon finally repaid the favor, helping the Irishman slay the Punjabi giant, and earning one of the, literally, biggest wins of his career.

In consecutive weeks on SmackDown, the brawler from Belfast felt the wrath of Khali leading up to their Armageddon clash, each time sacrificing himself to shield Hornswoggle from harm. Many had wondered if the leprechaun was the weakness in Finlay's brutal in-ring arsenal. But at Armageddon, Hornswoggle proved his worth in gold by giving the Irishman the opening he needed to take down The Great Khali. With referee Charles Robinson's back turned, Finlay's pint-sized partner entered the ring and delivered a very low blow with the shillelagh, allowing the Irishman to nail Khali's skull with the club and seal the win.

The age-old maxim "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" rang true for the Irish at Armageddon Sunday night. But will this victory put some distance between Finlay and The Great Khali, or will the Punjabi giant continue to stalk Hornswoggle despite the Irishman's best protective efforts?

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