Undertaker def. Mr. Kennedy (Last Ride Match)

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December 17, 2006

The war between Mr. Kennedy and the Phenom came to an ominous close in a rare Last Ride Match at Armageddon, as Kennedy was thrown into a dark hearse headed towards damnation.

In the second match of this kind in sports-entertainment history, the only way to escape the Richmond Coliseum was for either man to put their opponent into the hearse and have him driven out of the arena.

This macabre encounter commenced with chilling incantations heard throughout the building, and as the hearse rode into sight, cool sensations rippled through the spines of WWE fans in attendance. Within minutes, both Kennedy and Undertaker would be tossing one another's bodies into the very same black chariot of death.

Securing a pair of controversial victories over The Phenom -- one in a First Blood Match at Survivor Series -- Kennedy came close to making it three in a row over Undertaker. The two combatants exchanged blows up the entranceway and climbed the medieval Armageddon set where Kennedy hurled The Phenom to the arena floor more than 15 feet below.

Kennedy attempted to close the battle by dragging Undertaker's beaten carcass to the hearse and stowing his opponent in the back. As Kennedy sat in the driver's seat to ride off, Undertaker rose up and pulled Kennedy through the hearse and outside the vehicle where the lethal fight continued.

Somehow rejuvenated, Undertaker blasted his enemy and followed up with both a chokeslam and a devastating Tombstone on the roof of the vehicle. With Kennedy incapacitated, the Deadman lugged his foe's body into the hearse, revved its engine and slowly rode out of the arena to end the match.

Following weeks of mind games from Undertaker and, tonight, against all odds in Undertaker's specialty match, Kennedy held his own against the Deadman and came close to pulling off an upset victory against The Phenom.

The SmackDown loudmouth took the Deadman to his limit, but his efforts weren't enough to overcome the legendary Undertaker, who seems to only get better and better after more than 16 years of dominance.

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