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Tyson T-Bone

Tyson T-Bone

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 245 lbs.
From: Malvern, England
Signature Move: Gypsy’s Kiss

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Tyson T-Bone loves traveling from town to town and getting into fights. His next stop? WWE United Kingdom Championship Live.

Because of his unique background, T-Bone is more of a bare-knuckle fighter than a wrestler, utilizing a barrage of punches, kicks and headbutts to get his point across in the ring. A tip to the referees: Keep on eye of this guy, as he isn’t afraid to also incorporate a dirty tactic or two into his arsenal. Put simply, as T-Bone himself explains, “My style is to win.

It’s a style he has become very familiar with, thanks much in part to his Gypsy’s Kiss finisher. “Once you’ve had that on your head,” T-Bone says, “the only thing you’ll be doing is wishing yourself good night.”

For T-Bone, WWE United Kingdom Championship Live is more fun than a bar brawl. And if he’s victorious, he plans to return to his village and proclaim himself “King of the Travelers,” proving along the way that gypsies are damn honest fighters, and that it’s good to be different.

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