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Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai

Height: 5’6’’
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Twitter: @DakotaKai_WWE

If you’ve seen a woman kick her opponent so hard that tweeting cartoon birds pop out at any point over the last 10 years, there’s a good chance it was Dakota Kai doing the kicking. The New Zealand-native “captain of Team Kick” has been putting the boots to unsuspecting foes in the literal sense from Australia to Japan to the United States, where she held the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship alongside Ruby Riot. She even came into WWE’s orbit once before, in a 2015 loss to Nia Jax on NXT. Two years later, she’s out to prove that she belongs for good this time, and if she doesn’t get her kicks in the Mae Young Classic, you can be sure her opponents will.

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